Burgers ‘N Dogs

Classic Hamburger     7.95

Dukes Cheeseburger     8.95

Whole Ball of Wax     10.95
   Bacon, avocado and American cheese.

Bronx Burger     10.95
   Cheeseburger topped w/thinly sliced pastrami and a pickle.

Ortega Burger     8.95
   Topped with a roasted chili and Swiss cheese.

Western Burger     10.95
   Bacon, onion ring,  BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese.

Kona Burger     10.95
   Grilled Portuguese sausage on a cheeseburger.

Bacon, Swiss, Mushroom Burger     10.95

Patty Melt     8.95
   On rye w/grilled onions & Swiss cheese.

Teriyaki Burger     8.95
   Pineapple ring and teriyaki sauce.

Hot Dog     4.95
   100% Angus Beef; Served with relish and onions.
Comes with french fries.

Chili Cheese Dog     6.95
    Comes with french fries.

Make any burger a double 2.95

All burgers are
1/2 pound Fresh 100% Beef.
Dressed in mustard, mayo, tomato, onion & fresh lettuce;
pickle upon request.

Veggie or Protein Style
Available on all Burgers


Shrimp, Asada, Chicken or Fish     3.90

“Three Taco Special” (Any three tacos)      9.50

Salmon with Mango Salsa     3.90

Seared Ahi     3.90

Cheese Quesadilla     5.95
   Chicken or carne +2.00

Tacos topped w/cabbage, cheddar cheese,  Dukes
crema and pico de gallo. Fish comes grilled or fried.


Chili Verde, Asada, Chicken or Fish     8.95

Bean, Rice & Cheese     5.95

Burritos filled w/cheddar cheese, refried beans, pico de gallo and Spanish rice. Fish comes grilled or fried.


N.Y. Style Pastrami     9.55
On corn rye w/Swiss cheese, mustard & pickles.

Kickin’ Chicken     8.95
   Grilled chicken breast,  fire roasted Ortega chili, Swiss cheese, & grilled onions  on sourdough.

Gizmo     9.95
   Grilled chicken breast w/cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, tomato, grilled onions, lettuce, and mayo on sourdough.

Ono Teriyaki Chicken     8.95
   Delicious island style teriyaki w/a pineapple ring over grilled chicken on sourdough.

BLT     6.95
Choice of wheat, dark squaw, ciabatta, corn rye or sourdough.
   Add avocado +1.65

Tuna Melt     6.95
   With cheddar cheese.

See Our Board
for Dinner Specials

Seafood Plates

Ahi Tuna     15.95   Comes seared or grilled.

Salmon     15.95   Grilled or blackened.

Snapper     15.95   Choice between grilled with garlic butter or mild Vera Cruz.

Shrimp ‘N Chips     13.35
Five (5) jumbo tempura battered shrimp with fries & cole slaw.

Fish ‘N Chips     11.35
    With fries & cole slaw.

Clam Chowder
Cup     4.20
Bowl     6.20
Bread Bowl     8.20

Comes with side of steamed veggies & your choice of either white rice or french fries.

Seaside Salads

Cobb     12.35
   Grilled chicken, bacon, egg, avocado & blue cheese.

Grilled Steak     16.10
   Sliced top sirloin, avocado & blue cheese.

Caesar     8.35
   Crisp romaine, croutons & parmesan cheese.
Add chicken +3.50

Grilled Salmon     16.10
   Field greens with fresh char-broiled salmon.

Tuna & Avocado     10.35
    On fresh greens with tomato.

Wedge     5.35
  Iceberg lettuce, blue cheese & smoky bacon.

Dinner Salad     5.35
   Field greens with tomato, cucumber and croutons.               

Seared Ginger Ahi     16.10
Crusted, seared ahi
with avocado & tomato, with soy sauce, wasabi & ginger.

Blackened Chicken Salad     13.35
   Field greens topped with blackened chicken.  Served with avocado, cherry tomatoes, glazed walnuts, cranberries and vinaigrette dressing.

Served with delicious garlic bread.


Kids 12 and under. Choice of fresh fruit, salad
or small fries.  Includes fountain drink and one of the following plates for  4.95:

• Cheeseburger
• Corn Dog
• Grilled Cheese
• Quesadilla
• Chicken Tenders
• Mac ‘N Cheese
• Fish ‘N Chips (2)

Side Kicks

House Potato Chips     1.95
   Add blue cheese +1.50

Side Salad     2.15

House Cut Gourmet French Fries     1.95
    Seasoned with sea salt.

Steamed Vegetables     2.50

Cole Slaw     2.65

Potato Salad     2.65

Onion Rings     3.95

Rice     2.65   Spanish or white.  

Sweet Potato Fries     2.95

Chips ‘N Salsa     3.35
   Add guacamole +2.00

Guacamole     3.65

Mac ’N Cheese     3.90

Kona Chili     4.65
   With white rice.

Chili Cheese Fries   5.35

Chicken Tenders   7.35

Jalapeños (hot)   7.35
   Deep-fried and stuffed with bacon, cheddar & cream cheese.

Fresh Ceviche     8.35
   Baja style: fresh red snapper, chips & avocado.

Nachos     8.35
   Melted cheddar cheese, pinto beans, guacamole,  sour cream & pico de gallo.
Add beef +2.00

Hot Wings   9.35

Ginger Ahi   9.35
   Crusted & seared with sesame seeds.

Cup       4.20
Bowl     6.20
Bread Bowl     8.20

Wiki Wiki Breakfast

Saturday and Sunday 8am till noon

Fast Freddy     7.35
  Two eggs, two pancakes, two strips of bacon, ham or sausage patty.

Half Fast Freddy     3.90

Classic Breakfast     8.35
   Eggs w/choice of bacon or sausage, with hash browns, house
potatoes or fresh fruit. Served w/toast.

Seaward Omelet     9.35
   Eggs, avocado, bacon and cheese w/toast and choice of hash browns, house potatoes or fresh fruit.

Western Omelet     10.35
   Eggs, ham, green pepper, onion and cheese.  With toast & choice of hash browns, house potatoes or fresh fruit.

Greek Omelet     8.35
   Eggs, spinach, tomato & onion topped w/feta.

Ortega Omelet     8.35
   Eggs, grilled onions, Swiss cheese and Ortega chili. W/toast and choice of hash browns, house potatoes or fresh fruit.

The Pierpont Crunch     7.35
   Two eggs & bacon, w/American cheese, in-between two buttery English muffins and choice of hash browns, house potatoes or fresh fruit.

Eggs Benedict     9.35
   Poached eggs served w/hash browns, house potatoes or fresh fruit.

Huevos Rancheros     7.35
  Eggs w/refried beans & rice.   Add chili verde    +2.00

Kona Cakes     8.35
   W/macadamias and banana.

Green Burrito     8.35
Eggs, cheddar cheese, spinach & mushroom.

French Toast     7.90

Pancakes (3)     5.90

Breakfast Burrito     8.35
Eggs, cheese & house potatoes w/your choice of bacon, sausage or

Surfers Breakfast     4.35           8am to 9am Only
   Two eggs & toast w/choice of hash browns or house potatoes.

Biscuits & Gravy     9.35
   Two biscuits smothered in sausage gravy, w/two eggs  & hash
browns, house  potatoes or fresh fruit.

Breakfast Tacos     7.35
   Chorizo, eggs & pico de gallo in corn tortillas, w/your choice of hash browns or house potatoes.

Dukes Potato Bake     6.35
   Shredded hash browns w/bacon & cheese, baked & served with a dollop of sour cream.

Portuguese Sausage     8.35
   Served w/toast & eggs, with house potatoes, hash browns or fresh fruit.

Loco Moco     9.35
  White rice w/a hamburger patty, topped w/country gravy.
Served  w/toast & eggs.

Tico     9.35
   White rice and black beans sautéed w/Lizano sauce, onions & cilantro, w/two  eggs and  choice Portuguese of bacon or sausage.

*Available All Day*

Old Style Breakfast Wrap     6.35
 Eggs w/ bacon, cheddar cheese & pico de gallo.

Wiki Breakfast Sides

Oatmeal     2.25

One Pancake     1.95

One Egg     1.75

Bacon (3 strips)     3.65

Sausage (2 patties)     3.65

House Potatoes     2.75

Hash Browns     2.75

Orange Juice     2.75

Fresh Fruit Cup     2.75

Avocado     1.65


“Pura Vida” Pure Brownie Delight     5.10
A warm brownie topped w/vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream     2.10

Chocolate Sundae     4.15
   Ice cream, whipped cream & chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Chip Cookie     1.10


Chocolate or Vanilla   4.95


Fountain Drink     2.40

Coffee     2.25

Iced Tea     2.40

Milk   2%     1.50

Jarritos Mandarin     1.50

Apple Juice     1.25

Mexican Coke     2.00

Bottle Water     1.00

Hawaiian Punch     1.25

Pellegrino     Assorted flavors.     1.50

Pellegrino Bottle     3.00

Enjoy Our Full Bar


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